• I have over 15 years of experience in commercial design, spanning everything from wedding stationery to building wraps. My work has wrapped the GPO for Dublin Pride and also wrapped Christmas presents in custom papers. My skillset includes:

    • Logo design and branding suites
    • Illustration
    • Web design
    • Packaging design
    • Installation graphics and murals
    • Infographics and presentation suites
    • Float and pageant design for festivals

    Previous clients include An Post, Dublin Fire Brigade, Dublin LGBTQ+ Pride, Gaisce, HSE and the National Gallery.

    My hourly rate for design work is €55 with a day rate of €350. I'm happy to agree a job rate before starting a project.

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Tailtiu Was Here - 2023

This piece was commissioned by Dublin Pride for the launch of the Pride Hub. It references the myth of Tailtiu, a goddess who worked herself to death clearing the plains of Ireland for agriculture, and uses her as an allegory for activists who worked tirelessly but died before their causes had advanced. The artistic style is varied across the piece to suggest multiple voices, as in the mythic tradition.

Tailtiu is represented by Thom McGinty, the Diceman, a gay rights activist and performance artist who died from AIDS related illness in 1994, just one year after decriminalisation and 21 years before marriage equality. His legacy of activisim has largely been erased, and he is now celebrated more as a clown.

The good gods are, in the tradition of patron insertion, the Dublin Pride executive, the artist and some friends who helped with the development of the project. The cruel gods are those who have opposed advances in queer rights.

The crops that grow from the furrows Tailtiu has ploughed represent Irish liberation, feminism, black rights and queer rights. The smallest figures are the furthest in the past and they get taller as they move forward representing the advances in these movements.

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Gearr - 2021

This piece was commissioned by Dublin Pride as part of the Where Pride StARTS Exhibition in the the Stephen's Green Shopping Centre opened by Minister Martin. It uses the clearing of the oak forests for agriculture as an allegory for the cultural sacrifices made by the Irish under normative colonialism, first by the Catholic Church and then by the English


These pieces were commissioned by Dublin Pride for the 2016 festival and were incorporated into a graphic suite including the Pride Guide magazine. They are portraits done in a blocky style intended to evoke the mimeograph printing of dissident literature, and juxtapose faces from the 1916 Irish Rebellion with contemporary queer rights activists. The figures are all wearing iconic make up looks worn by David Bowie who had died that year.

Dudes in Dior - 2011

This triptych considers gender roles and fashion. The back drop is the Mirror Court at Versailles, the tiled floor was kept at a level of high polish so that the King could see up the skirts of his courtiers, and this backdrop of feminine objectification frames the subject matter. The portraits are posed naturalistically and the gowns, which were shown on female models that had been corseted and padded have been restructured to follow the lines of the body, as men's fashions do.